Our Mission

Tony Day, Emergency Management Director

The Saline County Emergency Management Agency's mission is to reduce the loss of life and damage to property, to assist our residents and institutions, to protect our infrastructure, and to build resilient communities by leading and supporting Saline County in an all-hazards, risk-based, comprehensive emergency management program of prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.

About Us

Our Agency is located in the Saline County Courthouse Annex at 153 S. Odell in Marshall, Mo or the corner of West Arrow and South Odell in Marshall.  Our staff consists of Tony Day, Emergency Management Director, and Joaquin Cubero, Executive Assistant,  Office hours vary as we are frequently out of the office at meetings, training, or exercises.  Whenever possible, office hours are maintained from 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM Monday through Friday, or by appt. at 660-815-7864.

           Go bag:  What to have on hand for emergencies.

Disasters can leave you without the basic services for several days.  It's better to be prepared by assembling a "go-bag," to keep your supplies in an easy-to-carry bag/container.

Basics you should have on hand:

3 day-water supply ​ (1 gallon per person)              Rain Ponchos

Non-perishable foods                                                  Hand Warmers

Portable radio (extra batteries)                                Flashlight/batteries

Cellphone with chargers                                             Surgical masks

First Aid Kit                                                                     Basic Toiletries

Extra cash/travelers checks                                      Change of clothes & shoes (per person)

Duct Tape                                                                        Extra keys to house/cars

Work Gloves                                                                   Copies of personal documents

Multi-purpose tool                                                        Area maps

Sleeping bag (per person)                                           Prescription Medication/Emer Phone 

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